Crittercam Mania

Camera traps, wildlife cameras, game cameras. All names for a potentially addictive, four-season outdoor toy: a motion- or heat-activated camera able to snap photos of wildlife with relatively little human interference. A search for “wildlife cameras” online yields an overwhelming variety of cameras at a range of prices for anyone curious about what the local wildlife gets up to when we’re not around. They’ve been a fixture at some James River cabins for years now, including one legendary setup, since dismantled, that allowed the camera owner to remotely view wildlife on his lot even when he was stuck at home in Calgary.

Below is a sampling of our favourites from various locations around the Retreat over the years. As you can see, the two-legged creatures of James River can be a curious lot while the four-legged creatures remain somewhat more aloof. If that leaves you wanting more, check out this recent article from the Calgary Herald. It gives a shoutout to the Crittercams of James River but also features some truly spectacular wildlife photos gathered on another quarter section an hour to the south of us. On second thought, maybe it’s better if we don’t always know what’s out there wandering the trails!


Hans critter


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