Pond Plans

Here is a link with our pond highlights from the 2018 AGM2018 JRR AGM Pond Committee Update

Here is a link highlighting some of the work completed at the pond in 2017Pond work 2017

Pond Pondering Survey Results – February 6, 2016

On behalf of the Pond Committee, here is a link to the summary of our recent Pond Ponderings Survey completed by JRR residents.


Take the Pond Pondering Survey – November 25, 2015

Our pond is one of the first features that greet us as we enter the retreat. As we drive by, perhaps we look over to see what birds are at the pond, are the fish rising, how high is the water, is the waterfall cascading, is the grass cut…

How do we wish to see our common property evolve?  Keep in mind that most of us (if not all of us) would much rather be at our own land, enjoying our cabin and land space,  rather than spend (maintenance) time  at the pond.

Let’s take a moment to reflect on how we use the pond area and what changes, if any, we would like to make. Access our Pond Pondering Survey here. Your James River Owner password is required if you haven’t visited the Owners Pages yet.


Can You Spare a Tree for Free in August?

The Pond Committee is looking for your help to plant some spruce trees on the north side of the gravel area where the garbage bin is located. Starting in August, planting material will be made available in a plastic bin adjacent to the parking area. Simply download and follow these simple planting instructions, grab a shovel and BYOT (Bring Your Own Tree).


Our Best Defense is a Newly Painted Fence – July 20, 2015

The Pond Committee is looking for a minimum of 4 volunteers to put a fresh coat of paint on our entrance fence.

Friday, July 31 – 10:30am

Follow this link for a detailed plan including items to bring with you then RSVP here if you can pitch in.

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