Take a book, leave a book

Q: What’s bigger than a breadbox, smaller than a cabin?

A: It’s Little Free Library and one has found its way to James River Retreat!

Our very own Little Free Library has finally made it off the porch at Lot #12 and down to a temporary perch next to the bridge. The concept is simple: take a book, leave a book. If something interests you as you wander by, feel free to pluck it from the box and curl up at your cabin for a good read. Once you’ve finished you can return it to our JRR “branch”, to another Little Free Library or simply pass it on to someone else to read. There is no obligation to leave a book in its place but next time there are books on your shelf that you’re ready to let go, know that they’ll find good homes when you drop them off at our Library. The Little Free Library now belongs to everyone at the Retreat. Please borrow from it, add to it, report any wear and tear to the Board and, above all, enjoy it.

The Library was stocked with an armload of books when it was installed earlier this month but may take some time to catch on. It’s expected that once the community gets the hang of it, the book supply may ebb and flow but it will more or less look after itself.

The Little Free Library concept originated in Madison, Wisconsin in 2009 and ours – official charter #8382 – is one of more than 15000 established worldwide. You’ll notice that the James River Retreat branch has been temporarily mounted on a sawhorse but the plan is to dig a posthole for a sturdier, more permanent installation once the ground thaws in the spring.

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