Happy trails


At our most recent AGM, there was mention that all JRR folks are welcome to meander along the riverside of our retreat as this is all common property.

This land is considered public and in an effort to make us feel more comfortable walking along the riverside, and to make this land more accessible, it was agreed to at the AGM that we could make a few pathways.

After the AGM, some of the Pond Committee folks (Brenda-Lee, Marcel, Bob, Ken and Judy) took a walk along the forested area on the North side of the river, West of the bridge, to see how viable creating a path might be.

It seemed like it could be done!

To our delight, Bob and Gary have cleared a pathway for us all to enjoy.

The path can be accessed from the West side of the bridge, just a few meters from the bridge, or on the East side of the bridge right where the bridge rail begins. There are a few orange markers that indicate the route on the path to the west of the bridge. This is a circle route with some wonderful access points to the river including one particularly charming little spot where you can stop a moment and enjoy the sights and sounds of the river.

So, when you’re at JRR, please take a stroll and enjoy. The more we use our path, the more it will become a well-worn and quaint little walk through the woods.

Thanks to Bob and Gary for their hard work on this project. Very cool!


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