For the Birds: A Perfect Winter Project

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Our recent JRR Pond Ponderings questionnaire indicated that many of us would like to work on developing habitat for our fine feathered friends (and our furry ones too).

Would you like to build (or donate) a birdhouse to the pond area? This might be a fun project to share with your children or grandchildren or just something that the woodworkers and hobbyists out there would enjoy.

Beyond building the birdhouse, you’ll be involved in placing your birdhouse somewhere in the pond landscape and maintaining it season to season.

If your birdhouse is ready early this spring, that would be a perfect time to do your installation.

Please keep your house in raw wood form – not painted or stained. Better for the birds and a uniform look in our common landscape.

Here are a few pointers to help you on your way:

  • You will attract different birds depending on where you place your birdhouse.
  • Place your house away from prevailing spring winds.
  • Hole size will determine what birds will nest in the home you have built.
  • Don’t put a perch on your birdhouse as this encourages predators.
  • For easy cleaning, it’s a good idea to have the roof or a wall hinged.
  • Slope the roof to prevent rain from entering and a few small holes in the base of the house for air circulation.

It’s all “for the birds”!

Chirp, chirp

Here are a few links that provide inspiration, patterns and advice:

Calgary’s Wild Bird Store offers a variety of birding essentials including seed, feeders and these readymade birdhouses and DIY birdhouse kits. This short video from the Audubon Society talks about the benefits of building bird-friendly communities and last, but not least, the Birdwatching Bliss website offers free birdhouse plans and how-to tips



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